Windows freezes after installing MX500

Kilobyte Kid

Windows freezes after installing MX500

Hi. Any help would be appreciated.


I've installed a Crucial MX500 SSD in my HP ProBook 455 G3 laptop (Windows 10). I cloned my existing system HDD using Acronis True Image For Crucual. With the SSD installed my PC keeps freezing, anything from a few seconds after startup up to 2 or 3 hours. In this state it's apparently unable to access the SSD. It won't even react to a Ctrl-Alt-Del (although I wouldn't have thought that would require disk access).


I've contacted Crucial's UK support, but they weren't able to solve the problem. They suggested these 3 things, which I've done:
1. Uninstalled the Acronis software from the SSD.
2. Checked that I'm using the Microsoft Standard SATA AHCI Controller driver. That was the only one listed under IDE ATA/ATAPI Contollers.
3. Checked that I have the latest SSD firmware (M3CR022).


Other info:
- There doesn't seem to be any problem when Windows is in Safe Mode, where I've left things running for longer periods (up to 12 hours) without freezing.
- The Microsoft Standard SATA AHCI Controller driver is dated 21/06/2006, version 10.0.17134.1.
- The only other driver I can see in Device Manager that looks like it might be relevant to storage is Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller.
- I've uninstalled any software I could think of that might be causing problems, including my anti-virus software and HP Client Security Manager (bloatware).
- I've tried disabling Windows Defender (Virus and Threat Protection) temporarily.
- I read in other threads here that low power modes can cause problems. so I've selected a High Performance plan in Power Options and uninstalled HP's Energy Star software.

Here are my SMART results from Crucial Storage Executive:


Drive0 - Good Health


ID Description Attribute Data Units
1 Raw Read Error Rate 0 Errors/Page
5 Reallocated NAND Block Count 0 NAND Blocks
9 Power On Hours Count 64 Hours
12 Power Cycle Count 68 Power Cycles
171 Program Fail Count 0 NAND Page Program Failures
172 Erase Fail Count 0 NAND Block Erase Failures
173 Block Wear-Leveling Count 6 Erases
174 Unexpected Power Loss Count 37 Unexpected Power Loss events
180 Unused Reserved Block Count 37 Blocks
183 SATA Interface Downshift 0 Downshifts
184 Error Correction Count 0 Correction Events
187 Reported Uncorrectable Errors 0 ECC Correction Failures
194 Enclosure Temperature 43 Current Temperature (C)
56 Highest Lifetime Temperature (C)
196 Reallocation Event Count 0 Events
197 Current Pending ECC Count 0 ECC Counts
198 SMART Off-line Scan Uncorrectable Errors 0 Errors
199 Ultra-DMA CRC Error Count 0 Errors
202 Percentage Lifetime Remaining 100 % Lifetime Remaining
206 Write Error Rate 0 Program Fails/MB
210 RAIN Successful Recovery Page Count 0 TUs successfully recovered by RAIN
246 Cumulative Host Sectors Written 2563040349 512 Byte Sectors
247 Host Program Page Count 41772205 NAND Page
248 FTL Program Page Count 23924399 NAND Page


Does anyone have any ideas, apart from uninstalling all remaining programs, or resetting to factory settings, which I'll try as a last resort?


Thanks. Richard.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Windows freezes after installing MX500

A couple of other things:

 - I'm not using Momentum Cache.

 - When I try using Device Self Test in Storage Executive, I get "No supported drives were discovered in the system.".


Re: Windows freezes after installing MX500

Try installing the chipset & SATA/AHCI drivers from HP's website if they are Win10 compatible.


Since Safe Mode does not have the issue, it would appear to be a driver  or other software issue.  Check out which drivers & software are not being used when in Safe Mode.


You could try cloning the system again, but this time create a bootable Acronis USB drive (there is an option in the software after you install it).  Sometimes running Acronis on a running system won't allow it to properly clone some running services.

Crucial Employee

Re: Windows freezes after installing MX500

Since the system runs fine in Safe Mode it's likely a driver or 3rd party program you have installed that's causing the issue. Installing updated chipset and AHCI driver as @HWTech has mentioned is fined, but realistically your system running in Safe Mode will likely be using the same standard AHCI and chipset driver, but worth a shot.

I would make sure you go to startup programs and remove anything you have installed that loads at startup, such as antivirus, gaming P2P clients, update services, these could all be culprits.

You could also go to the Event Viewer and look to see if there are any signature errors before the crash which could indicate what program/driver is the issue.

Crucial_Benny, Micron CPG Support, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Windows freezes after installing MX500

Thanks very much for the suggestions. I've been too busy to try them out yet. (I've temporarily gone back to using my HDD.) But I definitely will try them when have time, and I'll let you know how I get on.