crucial ssd disk not recognized on my pc

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crucial ssd disk not recognized on my pc


I just bought a crucial MX 2.5 SSD, size 250 GB. My laptop is a dell latitude E6320. My aim is to replace my current hard disk on my laptop by this crucial ssd. Following the installation guide on crucial website, i downloaded acronis. but then i am facing two problems.

First, my crucial ssd is not recognized on my computer. When i connect it to my PC, i can't find it on the "devices and drives" menu.

The second problem (probably resulting from the recognition issue) is that i can't launch the software acronis. When i start the program, it stays : "The product edition requires at least one Crucial SSD be installed in your system. You can upgrade to the latest unrestricted version of Acronis True Image at https.// ".

How can i make my crucial ssd recognized on my laptop?

Thank you!



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Re: crucial ssd disk not recognized on my pc

In Windows check Disk Management to see if Windows sees your Crucial SSD.


I'm assuming you are using a USB adapter/dock/enclosure to connect your Crucial SSD at this stage.  USB adapters don't always pass the necessary commands to a connected device and Crucial's Acronis software needs to verify the presence of a Crucial drive to comply with their licensing agreement.  Do you have another USB adapter/dock/enclosure you can use?  


If Acronis finished installing, are you able to launch it and create a bootable USB drive?  If so, then you could install the SSD and connect your hard drive externally and boot from the Acronis USB drive.


If you don't want to buy another USB adapter, then you could try using other cloning software.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: crucial ssd disk not recognized on my pc

Hi HWTech,


Thx for your answer. Windows sees my crucial SSD on Computer Management. The thing is that the disk is "unknown, "unallocated" and "not initialized".

I connected the ssd with two different SATA enclosures and the result is the same.

I installed Acronis properly but i can't launch it as the software doesn't see the crucial ssd.

Maybe it is because my ssd is not initialized yet. Should i initialize it? How should i choose MBR or GPT partition style? depending of my windows or my hard drive?



Re: crucial ssd disk not recognized on my pc

It's meant to be uninitialised as new.  You don't need to initialise it as your plan is to replace your existing drive.

You either install Windows to it (which will initlialise it for you) or clone your existing Windows to it.


You only need to initialise it to use it as a secondary drive.  Try this if you need to clone over a USB cable which won;t allow Acronis to ID the drive:

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: crucial ssd disk not recognized on my pc

Hi Targetbsp,
Thw for help. I did download macrium and cloned my hard drive but when i did put my new crucial ssd kn my computer, it didn't worked.
This message in blue screen was displayed :

Your PC/Device needs to be repaired.

The application or operating system ciuldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.

File : \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Error code : 0x000000e

You'll need to use recovery tool. If yiu don't have any installation media (like a fisc or USB device), contact youtlr OC administrator or PC/Device manufracturer.

Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Startup Settings

(F8 doesn't work) how can i fix it?

Re: crucial ssd disk not recognized on my pc

You can try booting from a Windows install disk and select the "Repair this computer" link after selecting your language.  Navigate to Troubleshooting --> Advanced --> Startup Repair.  This will automatically attempt to correct Windows boot issues.  If you don't have a Windows install disk, you may be able to download one direct from Microsoft.  To boot from the Windows installer, press F12 during POST and you will be presented with a menu containing boot options.


Did you make any BIOS/UEFI setting changes when installing the SSD?  If so, revert them or tell us what they were.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: crucial ssd disk not recognized on my pc

Hi HWTech,


I did boot windows on my crucial disk with an usb stick. It worked perfectly. My laptop is now running smooth. Everything is fixed, thanks for help!