improve endurance with over-provisioning

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improve endurance with over-provisioning

Hi all !!,


i hope you could be so kind to help with this doubt. I would like to know if i can improve write endurante in a mx 300 2TB model doing over-provisioning something like a 20%.


Actually this model stats for an endurance of 219GB in 5 years (400TB):


How many Gbs would i hope improve aprox. for doing this over-provisioning ?


Thanks a lot


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Re: improve endurance with over-provisioning

@pinkfeet Thanks for contacting us. I am sorry for the late reply. We do not have any specific numbers as to how much endurance will increase with a little more allocated space for over provisioning. However, if you are concerned about endurance it may be best for you to check into enterprise SSDs.  Even without over provisioning our drives use RAIN. More information on this can be found here. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: improve endurance with over-provisioning

Well, you can improve the amount of wear by over-provisioning the drive, that is correct.

However you're not going to be able to increase the TBW.

Crucial has set the TBW for the MX300 2TB at 400TB - that is not going to change.


I'm pretty sure that they're basing TBW on Host Writes and not actual wear.

This means that you could technically write 401TB at a wear amplication of 1 and it would not be covered by the warranty.

But if you instead write 399TB at a wear amplication of 5 it would be covered by the warranty despite that it is definitely the one with the more wear.

Something also important- the amount of data to actually wear out the drive is not necessarily the TBW set by the manufacturer sets - that may happen both before and after reaching the TBW depending on the write amplification.

Have experienced both myself.


Something that may be more informative about how worn the drive is would be looking at the SMART-value for the attribute Average Block-Erase Count.

The MX300 is specified for 1500 P/E so if Average Block-Erase Count is starting to approach that then the drive is close to being worn out.

It's not entirely perfect since you don't know the difference in wear between least and most worn cells but it should probably be fairly accurate as long as it gets some time to rest once in a while.

Of course even after reaching 1500 P/E does not mean it will just die but rather that under specific conditions it should be able to retain data for one year if powered down.

So you'd still be able to use it as long as you accepted that for example the retention worsened.



Finally, why are you so worried that endurance is going to be an issue for you?

Like, I don't know if the MX300 would be my first choice for a drive supposed to be able to take a lot of wear but it should be more than enough for most consumers - especially a 2TB one.