question about replacing HDD with SSD

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question about replacing HDD with SSD

Hi my laptop is a lenovo y40-70 and I am looking to upgrade to an SSD from crucial. I was just wondering when I clone data from the HDD to the SSD, will the operating system be there as well? So when I replace the HDD with the SSD and boot up the computer, would it still be running Windows? (so I don't have to install operating systems and stuff like that?) Sorry if it's a stupid question, thank you

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Re: question about replacing HDD with SSD

Cloning programs will clone the whole drive partition.  A partition will be what shows in 'my computer' with a drive letter.  So if both your data and operating system are under the same drive letter (ie. CSmiley Happy then they will be clonder together.  If they are seperate (C: for OS and d: for data) then you would need to cloner both.  Cloning programs would generlaly be capable of doing this.


If you have no OS CD, you will likely find another partition (recovery) which may or may nto be hidden in windows.  You would need to clone this to so if your operating system ever messed up - you could restore it.

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