why it never work?

Kilobyte Kid

why it never work?

why the Crucial Storage Executive never work?
I mean why Crucial make so complicate to format their SSD?


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Re: why it never work?

Note: Screenshots on here are moderated and it hasn't been yet so I can;t see the screenshot yet and am just guessing what your problem is.


I'm guessing you're trying to use sanitize on the drive?  It's actually Microsoft that make this difficult - not Crucial.  Sanitize is actually the ATA Secure Erase command and Microsoft disable ATA Security during Windows install in favour of their own eDrive security - which doesn't have an equivalent erase command.


The solution is to instead use the PSID Revert function which will basiclaly factory reset the drive - clearing any encryption, restoring ATA Security and erasing the disk.


Note that you shouldn only really need to do this if you are selling the drive to a third party and need to be sure any personal data is destroyed or possibly as a trouble shooting step.  If you just need to blank the drive for a Windows reinstall or for putting it to some other use yourself then standard drive erasing features such as (quick) format or deleting a recreating partitions are perfectly adequate.

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Re: why it never work?

It appears you may be trying to Sanitize the boot drive which cannot be done this way.  To Sanitize/Secure Erase the boot drive you need to boot from another drive.   If you want to Sanitize the drive you could try booting using a Parted Magic USB drive which can perform a Secure Erase or the PSID revert targetbsp mentions.


As targetbsp mentions, the difficulty is not with Crucial, but with Microsoft and also how the features are implemented in hardware which is following industry standards.   The ability to Sanitize/Secure Erase also requires the SSD to be connected to an internal SATA controller configured for AHCI mode (or an external e-SATA port).  The type of security implemented also affects how the drive is wiped as there are two different and incompatible methods available and as far as I know there is no easy way to identify this from within Windows.