Apple say Crucial RAM is not wholly compatible

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Apple say Crucial RAM is not wholly compatible

I have a late-2011 15" macbook pro, 2.4 Ghz, with 2 x Crucial 8Gb 1333 DDR installe - for over a year now. Within last month or so I've had intermittent problems with the display - splits screen left-right / vice versa, gives array of hoizontal lines, or simply freezes or even shuts down. Then it can take many attempts to re-boot. System also has 2 x SSD installed which can get quite hot but seem to be working well. I now use a cooling pad which r duces eat, but still get the same problems.

Apple Store ran video tesrs and said there was nohing wrong with video. Problem "had to be.." because I was using > 8Gb non-Apple ram. They say macbook spec of 16Gb is only for Apple ram, and max is 8Gb for other suppliers. "Apple ram designed spcifically for macbook!!!" - they say. Clearly this so-called advice conflicts with what you say on your website. Can you help/comment, please?


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Re: Apple say Crucial RAM is not wholly compatible

Hi belgiantaff,


Thanks for contacting us today. I am sorry for the issues that you have experienced with your RAM. It sounds as if the issue has more to do with a defective memory module than a compatibility issue with the MacBook Pro. Your system can use 16GB of memory and we have sold thousands of these upgrades for your specific model and have less than a .5% return rate.  More information on why we advise more memory than Apple does can be found here


I would advise running a test on the memory to determine if it is a faulty part. A link to that test can be found in this article. This article also has a link for contacting customer service to set up a warranty replacement. 

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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