How do I know what to order?

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How do I know what to order?


If you aren't sure what Mac model you have or what kind of memory it takes, you can get your System Profile through the Apple menu. The profile will tell you what kind of memory and how much memory is in your system.


1. Open the Apple menu, and then select "About This Mac".


2. The "About This Mac" screen opens. Click the "More Info..." button.


3. The Hardware overview screen will open. Click on "Memory"


4. The Memory Slot screen will now apear and show your current memory configuration, what kind of memory is installed, and there will also be a link to memory upgrade instructions for your model.


If you want to make it really easy for yourself however, our Mac System Scanner will do all this work for you.Just download the tool and we’ll show you what memory you already have, and what memory upgrades are available.


You can also go through our Mac Memory Selector and manually pick out your system from menus, for a list of all compatible upgrades Crucial offers.


Both the Mac System Scanner and Mac Memory Selector can be found on our Mac Memory page.