Insanely slow/ stuck booting for Macbook Pro 13' mid 2012

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Insanely slow/ stuck booting for Macbook Pro 13' mid 2012

I recently purchased a 16 GB RAM upgrade for my Macbook Pro 13' mid 2012 model which came with 4 GB of RAM.

The booting is insanely slow and its been almost an hour and its still booting. I tried resetting the NVRAM but it doesn't work.

The RAM I purchased from Amazon was Crucial CT8G3S160BM 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3L 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) SODIMM 204-Pin Memory

Please help!
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Re: Insanely slow/ stuck booting for Macbook Pro 13' mid 2012

amantiwari    Try reseating the hard drive cable to the Logic Board.   There is a chance the cable may have been knocked a bit loose during the memory upgrade.  Also check to make sure both memory modules are securely locked in by using a toothpick and pressing down on the corner of the modules (don't remove them).   Sometimes installing the second module will cause the first one to become unlatched.    Always make sure the power adapter & battery are both disconnected before doing any work on the laptop.


If it still won't finish booting, then try booting with Verbose Mode.  You do this by holding Command+V keys just after powering on the laptop (immediately after the startuup chime is best).  Hold these keys until you see text start scrolling by on the screen or until you get your FileVault login prompt.   If it gets stuck while the text is on the screen, then please post a picture . You can also try doing a Safe Boot, by holding the Shift key down just after powering on the laptop.   SafeBoot will disable a lot things and also will delete a certain file that can cause the system not to reach the Desktop.   You can also try booting to Recovery Mode and running Disk Utility First Aid.


I would suspect your hard drive cable may be bad.  I've personally seen a lot of these cables fail with odd behavior.   At one point Apple had a free replacement program for them, but that program has ended for most people.  The MacBook Pro 13" (mid-2012) model had a high failure rate for these cables.


Another possibility is the hard drive could be starting to fail.  You can check the health of your hard drive with an app that monitors the drive's SMART Attributes (SMARTReporter has a free unsupported older version of their app).   If you post a screenshot of the drive's SMART Attributes table, I can verify if it looks ok since the app only monitors the most common values predicting failure.



You can also try installing your original memory again to see if the new memory could be the problem.  Also be careful when removing & installing the memory as the plastic tabs on the latches can be damaged easily.   There is just a very narrow plastic tab protruding from these latches which hold the memory in place.  The memory can actually slice away at these tabs to the point they will no longer hold the memory in place.


If you do not see "for Mac" on the stickers on your memory, you should verify with Crucial that the memory you purchased will work for a Mac.   I've personally had issues with Macs being picky about their memory.


Please let us know how you make out and what the ultimate solution is as it may help someone else.