Late-2013 iMac Installation is Tricky

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Late-2013 iMac Installation is Tricky

I just received my new 27" late-2013 iMac and the 32GB of memory I ordered from Crucial for an upgrade.  I found the installation of the four boards to be much more difficult than installing the original Apple boards received in the computer.  I don't know if they're slightly thicker or what, but I had to pull the whole assembly as straight up as I could and then work hard to wiggle and push the boards down far enough into the slots to make them connect.  The first time I pushed them in, I got the warning tone on start-up that I had no RAM in the computer, so I reopened the back and wiggled/pushed them in even further.  My message is: Don't give up, work hard to push them in, but be very careful you've got the boards positioned properly and don't force to the point of damage.  Once I got them in correctly, everything worked fine.

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Re: Late-2013 iMac Installation is Tricky

Hi tthomson53,


I am sorry for your difficulty with installing them memory. I do appreciate the suggestions that you have posted Smiley Happy I am happy that you were able to get the memory installed with persistence and patience. Have a wonderful day.

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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