Mac Pro 2010: which RAM, how much?

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Mac Pro 2010: which RAM, how much?

Hi folks


Got some discrepancies here I need help with. According to the About this Mac window I have a Mac Pro (mid 2010) with 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon. If I follow through via that the Memory tab of that window to Memory Upgrade Instructions ( I get a page that says it supports 32 gigs of RAM.

- PC3-10600E, 1333 MHz, DDR3 SDRAM UDIMMs and RDIMMs
- Error-correcting code (ECC)
- 72-bit wide, 240-pin ECC modules
- 36 ICs maximum per ECC UDIMM


Ok, If I run the Crucial scanner it says I have "Apple Mac Pro Quad-Core MC250LL/A Mid 2010" and offers only SSDs -- no RAM visible, just SSDs offered. But it does say I can only have 16 gigs of RAM.


If I choose Apple Mac Pro 4-Core Mid 2010 from the Crucial Advisor tool (a separate entry from the MC250LL/A), it gives me 32 gigs max RAM and some actual suggestions (eg


So -- does anyone know which Mac Pro I have?Smiley Wink And if it is the 16 gig 250LL/A, can I get any memory from Crucial?


(I'll probably go for one pair of 8 gigs, and leave the 2gig ones I have in the other slots - if that's a bad idea, I'd appreciate a heads-up).


Thanks for any help someone can give me (The RAM in here was bought from crucial years ago but sadly I don't remember what machine it said I have).

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Re: Mac Pro 2010: which RAM, how much?

To get your system specifications you can enter your serial number on this site.  It seems to report system specification fairly well.


Apple lists the technical specifications here, while this third party site provides some information on the differences between the various 2010 Mac Pro models.


The main difference regarding memory for these systems is the faster CPUs require the faster memory (1,333MHz).     Each CPU has access to four memory slots.   Originally Apple only supported 16GB in the single CPU configuration, but later it was found that the system supported 32GB which Apple now also lists in their documentation.    I guess Crucial never updated some of their documentation.


Most likely you have the standard base model.   So you can use PC3-8500 (1,066MHz) memory or faster (up to PC3-12,800 or 1,600MHz according to Crucial).


Do not mix Registered and non-Registered memory.    The only documentation which mentions Registered DIMMs is from the link you provided.   Usually it is used in systems with more than 32GB.


As far as the memory not showing up, chances are it is due to being out of stock.

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Re: Mac Pro 2010: which RAM, how much?

Thanks. That site says I can use 64gigs of RAM... It also says I have 8 slots for RAM but About this Mac says I have 4 (I've installed RAm in the past, pretty sure it is 4). So now still confusedSmiley Wink I copied and pasted the serial so doesn't seem to be the wrong one. Let's assume it's 32 in 4 slots...


I'm concerned that I lose the crucial guarantee if I order stuff they don't say their scanner supports. And  on Registered and Unregistered, the apple page also warns not to mix them. However I don't see how to see whether the RAM I have installed is U or R. Do you know how I can tell? I've got serial numbers etc but can't see any mention of RDIMM or UDIMM. I'm hoping to keep 2 of the ones I have already rather than buy an entire set.

I appreciate the response, sorry to just fire back more (I really know very little about RAM, you can probably tell...)

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Re: Mac Pro 2010: which RAM, how much?

I read too fast. It is indeed the standard base model (cheapest!) so this seems to fit what you suggest:


Thanks for the assistanceSmiley Happy


Re: Mac Pro 2010: which RAM, how much?

I've never seen Registered memory used in any Apple product.   Look at the label on your memory and if it says "Unbuffered" it is not Registered.   You can also look up the part number on the memory to get its specifications.


A single CPU Mac Pro can only accept four memory modules with the largest size being 8GB for a total of 32GB (4x8GB).   The 64GB is referring to dual CPU configurations where eight memory slots can be used (8x8GB).


If you want confirmation the memory you are buying is guaranteed by Crucial due to the confusing nature of this series of Mac Pro and Crucial's inconsistent advice, you should contact Crucial Support directly as their Live Chat agents are very good.