Mac RAM memory upgrades

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Mac RAM memory upgrades

hey guys I have recently purchased a secong hand a late 2008 : 2G RAM 2.4ghz , 250GB macbook (aluminum) I spoke to Mac online and they insisted I could upgrade for use with my Traktor programs For Pro Djing use Smiley Happy

I have been searching on Crucial for help in selecting the components with little sucess in findin the some model and upgrade comparisons with little suscess Smiley Sad


please advise can i upgrade the maching to 6 or 8 GIG RAM ??


also would i get a large benifit from a solid state drive upgrade...?? and what size could i install. 


kindest regards Rob Macboy 


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Re: Mac RAM memory upgrades

Hi RobMacboy,


Unfortunately most Macbook systems of that generation can take a maximum of 4GB of memory and not 6.  However there are a number of different systems that match your specifications, can you please confirm the Apple serial number and I can check it further for you?


You will find this information in about this Mac.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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