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Hi I have a late 2011, 13 inch Macbook pro.


I have the standard 4GB Ram that came with the Mac. I have got back into music prodcing and the RAM cannot handle the work anymore with all the updates to my DAW etc...


I am looking for a cheap solution to upgrade my RAM to 8 or 16gb, I believe the syetem can handle 16gb from what i have read online.


Also looking for cheap SSD, any recomendation for my system?


I have looked and it seems you can get cheap RAM from China, is this advisable?

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Re: Mac RAM

I believe Crucial supports 16GB for your laptop.   Use the Crucial Advisor Tool or Crucial System Scanner found on the main page to get Crucial's recommended memory for your system.    Crucial guarantees system compatibility if you order any of the recommended memory using either tool.


If you want a 120GB SSD the Crucial BX300 SATA SSD has a very good price at the moment, otherwise you probably want a Crucial MX500 SATA SSD.


Use name brand memory such as Crucial.  You really do get what you pay for when it comes to memory.   Before using Crucial I would have memory fail in very intermittent ways which made tracing the cause very difficult.  It has been extremely rare for me to see Crucial memory fail.   It is usually a warning sign when you see a deal that looks too good to be true.   Most reputable products tend to have a fair price (though memory prices are high at the moment) and anything lower is usually sacrificing quality, safety and performance.