Need your advice on iMac memory!

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Need your advice on iMac memory!

Hey all,


I recently purchased 2GB of fresh iMac memory to go with the 1GB I already have in it. Here's the thing: I thought I was buying a single 2 GB stick but instead got the 2 x 1GB kit. Totally my bad, just wasn't paying attention and what's done is done.


Two important facts you should know:

1) I had plans of eventually pairing the 2GB with another 2GB for 4GB total
2) Customs fees to Canada is $ $40 total if I return what I have


So now I have 3GB and 2 slots. Should I just bite the bullet and go with the 2 x 1GB or should I return for the 2GB stick?! Is 3GB THAT MUCH better than 2GB? Let me know what you think!

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Re: Need your advice on iMac memory!

Two identical 1GB modules will be running in dual channel in your iMac if it has that ability (hard to say for sure without knowing the exact model), which will give you an additional performance boost if you install the kit you ordered.


As for the difference between a total of 2GB and 3GB, that depends a lot on what you use the computer for. For "regular home use", that is, for web browsing and email, music and writing papers, you will not see a very big difference. If you use the computer for more resource-heavy tasks such as editing photos or videos, then the difference will be more noticeable.

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