RAM upgrade / performance of Mac Pro mid 2010

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RAM upgrade / performance of Mac Pro mid 2010

Hi all


I have just joined the forum so apologies if this has been dealt with previously.


I have a Mac Pro (mid 2010) Quad core 2.8 (with a 1TB 7200 hard drive) with what was a woefully small amount of RAM  - just 6GB - (2GB x 3).


My question is, with a newly added 8GB RAM from Crucial a few weeks back, should I generally see a bump in performance. I don't use much heavy duty processing- hungry applications - Logic  being the only one, but not often.


Also, I have put the new 8GB RAM card into slot 1 (of 4) filling the remaing 3 slots with the 2GB cards. Does the configuration of RAM in the bay possibly impact performance.


My gut instinct is that the processor is just not as sharp as it once was but any thoughts or advice would be helpful. I have run a load app to check processing power used and the figures  / stats all look very below anything to worry about.


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Re: RAM upgrade / performance of Mac Pro mid 2010

Hello Angus,


Thank you for your question.


Don’t worry if it has been asked before, that’s what the forum is for!


When you install extra memory in your system, your system should not slow down as much when you’re running memory intensive software.  The way memory works is that it allows you to run more programs at once without the system struggling.


You said your computer is not performing as well as it once was.  Is there any particular times that your computer slows down?  For example, is it when you’re running specific software or something like that.  It would also be great if you could confirm what country you’re based in.  This will allow me to send a link to our website for the correct country.


If you do have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.



Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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