Ram replacing between different macbook pro

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Ram replacing between different macbook pro


I have a macbook pro mid2012 with 8 GB ram and I wanted to order the 16 GB package and replace it.

My first Q is  if it's possible?  casue some of the stuff I read online show that it can only goes up to 8 GB.

Second Q: my wife have a mid 2010 mackbook pro 4 GB ram, is it possible to transfer the memory from my computer after replace it and upgrade her to 8 Gb? is it compatible?

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Re: Ram replacing between different macbook pro

Thanks for contacting us. I am sorry for the delay in reply. Your system can be upgraded to 16GB of memory. We have more information on why this is possible can be found here.  A link to upgrades that have been tested with your system and are guaranteed to be compatible can be found here.  Your wife's system is upgradeable to 8GB of RAM, but it utilizes 1067 mhz RAM, so it would not be compatible with your old RAM.  Please let us know if you have any other questions about this upgrade process. 


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