Two part question ... Crucial iMac 27" 2017 RAM

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Two part question ... Crucial iMac 27" 2017 RAM


I have a QNAP NAS that can take DDR4 2400 (Low Power) RAM. I just got an iMac 2017 27" 5K and have from it 2 x 4GB DDR4 2400 RAM but I'm uncertain if it will work in the NAS. Is the iMac RAM considered "Lower Powered"?

Also ... am I able to temporarily use 16GB DDR3 1867 in my new iMac (until I can get more RAM from Crucial) that already has 2 x 16GB crucial DDR4 2400 RAM in it? Or is using the two varieties not a good idea ... or not compatible?

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Two part question ... Crucial iMac 27" 2017 RAM

What's the CT# of the memory you have? It's possible it may work in the NAS. Low powered simply means it's 1.35v, which has been an industry standard for DDR3 for almost the last ten years. 1.35v memory also typically has the ability to run at 1.5v if the system demands it.

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