16gig Kit Not Recognized by Computer

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16gig Kit Not Recognized by Computer

Computer:  Dell Inspiron 1325 with Windows 10 64bit. 2 slots for memory (only one currently used).

Current RAM: Single stick 8gb

Purchased/Replacing RAM:  16gb RAM (Ballistic 2x8)


When I run the computer with the old RAM everything works. When I install the new RAM the computer will not turn on. Instead, there is a blinking yellow light and the computer will not boot.


I have removed both new sticks and tried the old stick in each of the two slots. With the old stick of RAM the computer will power on from either slot (both slots work correctly. When I add the old stick and a new stick the computer will power on, but will only recognize the old RAM stick (8gb).  Switching the slots used still only the old RAM is reconized. 


I have tried each new stick individually in each slot. I get the blinking yellow light any time I add the new RAM without including the old RAM.


The new sticks are recommended for this model of computer. Both old and new sticks are DDR3, standard pin count.


I'm really stuck on what else to do. Any help would be apperciated.

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Re: 16gig Kit Not Recognized by Computer

Thanks for contacting us today. I am sorry for the issues you have experienced installing the memory into your system.  I tried finding the information in our system on your computer, but didn't have any luck. Would you mind scanning your system using our system scanner and providing the link to this scan page? This would give me a better idea as to what your system specs are. The scan page can be found here


Also, what is the full part number of your Ballistix memory. This information will be found on the label of the memory. 



YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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