ASUS X407MA Black Screen after Memory DDR4 upgrade

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ASUS X407MA Black Screen after Memory DDR4 upgrade



1 week Ago I bought the following memory through your store on

Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) DR x8 SODIMM 260-Pin Memory - CT8G4SFD824A


This memory, as crucial analysis tool said, is compatible with my laptop. When I tried to do the upgrade, totally black screen shows. No beeps, no possibility to enter BIOS, nothing, totally black screen. I switch again to the old DDR4 $GB RAM and boot starts normally.


I read lot of forums, I have upgrade BIOS to the last version 301, and nothing. Black screen every time that I set the new curcial memory.


Thinking that maybe the new DDR4 was corrupt, I talked to amazon and they replaced it to a new one. Yesterday has arrived the replacement, but again the same problem. Screen totally black.


Using CPU-Z to know about my laptop SPECS says that originally 4GB RAM that cames with laptop is SINGLE RANK. The one that I have bought from crucial is DUAL RANK, as the crucial analysis says that DUAL RANK is compatible with my laptop anyway.


I need your help please. 








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Re: ASUS X407MA Black Screen after Memory DDR4 upgrade

Receiving two bad sticks of RAM is very unlikely.   Is the CMOS battery easily accessible where you can unplug or remove it?  If so, unplug the power adapter & system battery, then disconnect/remove the CMOS battery for a minute.  Press the power button while everything is unplugged.   With the new memory installed, power on the laptop and see if it will POST.


Is the part number you ordered listed on the actual label on the RAM?  If not, you should verify with Crucial that the memory is indeed correct for your laptop (even if the number on the larger packaging is correct since there could have been a packaging mistake). 


While the dual rank should be ok, maybe there is something weird with your specific laptop that has trouble with it.  Maybe you should try one more time with the single rank module.  If this fails, then I would suspect an issue with your motherboard.  If the single rank works, then I would suggest running Memtest86 and Prime95 to test & stress the new memory just to be safe.