Am I Buying the Correct Memory?

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Am I Buying the Correct Memory?

I want to upgrade two laptops with more memory.  Both are from the Dell XPS line.  One is an earlier version, model L501X.  The other is brand new and is listed as model L502X. 

When checking the Crucial site the part numbers are different for the memory sticks for these laptops, but the descriptions seem the same.  Are they the same memory?  Just want to be sure I'm buying the correct parts.

Thank you.

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Bit Baby

Re: Am I Buying the Correct Memory?

Helloooo??  Is anybody home?  Simple question, Crucial.  Is anyone monitoring this supposed board and community?

I'm interested in buying your product.  Hellooooo??


Re: Am I Buying the Correct Memory?


Hi Carbo,


The two systems take exactly the same type of memory.  When you order online by system information, you are shown what we refer to as an “external” part number. It is a system specific number and is mapped exclusively to the model you look up.  There are other specifications to memory than the basic ones published on the site, and they sometimes requires us to filter out a certain build of a part for a specific system. The external part number can accomplish this, since we can build filters into them when necessary. Those filters are also the reason that we can only guarantee compatibility if you order by system; the external part number tells us which computer you are ordering for. If you order by specifications we don't know what model of computer you have, and that makes it impossible to guarantee compatibility.  So we recommend that you order by model for referencing purposes but you will find that the two parts you receive will most likely be exactly the same.

For future reference, the forums are intended for users to help each other, if you need an immediate reply it is best to contact Crucial directly.  If a post is left unanswered for a certain amount of time, we are notified and can help out, however when you reply to your own post it stops this notification coming through. 





Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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