Best Memory upgrade solution

Kilobyte Kid

Best Memory upgrade solution

My 2 year old windows PC has an overclocked (by the manufacturer) Skylake CPU with an Asus Z170-K  motherboard & 8 gb DDR4 2133MHz Memory (2 x 4GB Sticks). I want to upgrade this to 16gb. The Crucial utility has identified the 8gb kit I need BUT a friend has said that although the cost will be greater I would be safer removing the existing memory and replacing it with 2 8gbsticks.There is a kit CT7689496 or a Ballistix Sport kit LT CT7689554. I presume the latter is better for gamming & in my case mostly Flight Simulation. I would prefer to pay the axtra & play safe


Your views would be much appreciated





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Re: Best Memory upgrade solution

@creamcot Thanks for contacting us today. I pulled up your system information and it appears your computer is upgradeable to 64GB of RAM and has four slots for memory. It appears from our info that you shouldn't run into any issues adding new RAM to the existing, so I would try that first before removing your old RAM. This way you may be able to upgrade even further using the new RAM and the existing RAM. CT7689554 is a bit better for gaming as it has heat spreaders and is part of our gaming line.  Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Best Memory upgrade solution

I ordered received next day & installed the Ballistix modules & all seems to be fine. Many thanks to you. The only scarey moment was that I could open the module slot clips on one side but not the other-closer inspection revealed they were fixed. Why did ASUS change this!!