Best way to acheive 2gb RAM?

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Best way to acheive 2gb RAM?

currently I have 2 x 512mb RAM (matched CT6464Z40B) totalling 1gb, I want to increase my RAM to 2gb total.

I have 2 options a) add a stick of 1gb RAM (CT12864Z40B) to my current RAM totalling 2gb

or                          b) remove my current RAM and replace with 2 x CT12864Z40B totalling 2gb

what I need to know is which of these options will give me the best possible result in terms of performance and effectiveness? (is it possible to actually quantify an increase in performance when increasing RAM?)

the system specs I have is DFI LANPARTY UT nf3 250G, AMD Athlon 64 3200+, XFX 6800GT AGP, 2x WD 80GB HDD, HP DVD RW, 700w PSU

hopefully this helps?

thanks for any advice

p.s.! because this system is currently in pieces on my desk I cant use the Crucial memory scan tool, just before anyone suggests it LOL

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Re: Best way to acheive 2gb RAM?



In this machine it should not matter if you just add a single 1GB module with your 2 x 512MB modules, or remove the original and install 2 1GB.  The machine is not a dual-channel machine so installing in pairs would not change anything.  Please see the following link for the upgrades for your motherboard:





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