Black Screen after memory upgrade

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Black Screen after memory upgrade

I purchased the RAM upgrade to my Lenovo C365 that was suggested by the Crucial Scanner and said that it was '100% compatible'. I bought the 4GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM and clicked it into the empty slot of my computer, however, I noticed that a lot of gold was showing and thought that looked odd but I turned on my PC anyway, and found out that my screen wasn't turning and remained black. So I took the new RAM out and turned my computer on, it worked. So now what am I doing wrong? Or is it the RAM?

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Re: Black Screen after memory upgrade

I think you may have answered your own question.  If you saw a lot of gold showing, then the memory probably wasn't inserted fully which would cause your problem.   I'm not familiar with your computer, but it can sometimes be a little difficult getting the memory fully inserted.   Try looking for a YouTube video so you can watch the procedure.  Check out Lenovo's website for a guide on how to install memory, perhaps even their service/hardware guide.  They may have some good pictures or a video showing the procedure.


Installing memory in a laptop usually requires inserting the memory at a slight angle.  Once you get the memory inserted in the slot, you may need to add a little more pressure to snap it in (before pressing down & clicking it in place if it is a laptop).   Be gentle as it should never be forced.   Look at the other memory module to see how much of the gold contacts protrude past the slot.  The new module should be about the same give or take a little.   


You may also want to blow a little bit of compressed air along the empty slot in case it might have built up a layer of dust that could also interfere with making full contact with the pins.