CT102464BA160B - a rare bird?

Kilobyte Kid

CT102464BA160B - a rare bird?

Hi folks, 

this is my first message in this community. 

Trying to check compatibility with my Lenovo H50-30g Desktop I was looking at Crucial's product site for the CT102464BA160B memory's specs, but surprisingly with no return. This part # is on sale at Newegg, at Amazon, at Green Tech, etc.

So what could have happened to this part? 

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thanks, bibi

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Community Manager

Re: CT102464BA160B - a rare bird?

Hi Sayesh,


Thanks for contacting us today. I pulled up that part and it looks like it has been discontinued and no longer in production. We stopped selling the 1.5v memory modules for that part and have moved to dual voltage 1.35v parts. However, that part is still compatible with your system and you can purchase it if you do find a site that still carries it.



YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: CT102464BA160B - a rare bird?

Thank you, YogiH,

for your quick reply. My problem is solved!

Maybe just as a suggestion: Newegg , Amazon and Green Tech (dunno who else) might appreciate an advice from Crucial in order to keep their own customers updated. I'm positively impressed by their close contact they have with their clients.


Kilobyte Kid

Re: CT102464BA160B - a rare bird?

Is the CT102464BA160B interchangeable with the current 16GB RAM set CT8966769?

Kilobyte Kid

Re: CT102464BA160B - a rare bird?

Sorry, my friend,

I'm not able to reply your question. Consult Crucial!


Bit Baby

Re: CT102464BA160B - a rare bird?

Hi YogiH,


Is this memory also suitable for a HP Pavilion 550-153na Desktop PC?