CT102464BF160B works on Dell XPS 15 L521x?

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CT102464BF160B works on Dell XPS 15 L521x?

Hi guys, i own a dell xps 15 L521x, for different reasons here where i live i cant buy a 16gb (8x2) kit to upgrade the memory of my laptop, the place that sells crucial memory though told me that this CT102464BF160B memory would work fine in my laptop, from what i read it should, somehow the specs are the same as the configurator recomends (only in 2 sticks) so i plan to buy 2 of these CT102464BF160B parts, to make them work as if i was buying a 16gb DDR3 kit, but i'm not completely sure, given that we dont have the best customer protection in this country i wouldnt want to end with memory that i cant use, so i ask you guys if you could tell me if these would work ok or not, i called DELL but they try to sell me their overpriced kits and they dont tell me much about what i need, the only thing i know is that supposedly in other brands like Kingston i could use memory with 1.35v but the one that comes with my laptop is a hynix that works at 1.5v, people tell me that to this date ALL the memory that works at 1.35v could work also at 1.5v and i read somewhere in this board that such thing was correct till august of this year, but is it still true now? is this CT102464BF160B dual voltage? would it work ok in my laptop?, i would rather buy crucial than kingston or other brand to be honest. So please validate this.


thanks in advance.

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Re: CT102464BF160B works on Dell XPS 15 L521x?

Hi arangaran,


Thank you for contacting us today. Yes, CT102464BF160B is the correct memory module for your system. It has been tested and can be guaranteed to be compatible with your system. This part is a dual voltage module. It will run at the speed that your system requires with no issues. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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