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Hi, i from Malaysia. i would like to know is CT102464BF160B (found in one of the online store) same as  CT11542057?

i have a ACER ASPIRE E15-E5-576G-56E7 laptop. i want to upgrate the memory ram.




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Re: CT102464BF160B

From the specifications Crucial provides to us they look the same, but there are other critical timings which are not listed which could affect compatibility & stability.   Most times I believe the parts will be the same and probably will work in most systems, but it is not guaranteed.   Keep in mind that I am just a normal user.


If you do purchase the CT102464BF160B part, make sure the vendor will allow you to return it if it is found to be incompatible with your system.  I would run a memory test on the system for a couple of days, plus I would try running Prime95 in Torture Test Mode to see if the system is stable.   Then I would use your normal applications as much as possible to make sure things are working fine.   I do this with any new parts I add to my system.


If I were you, I would contact Crucial Support directly to get their official opinion.  Click on Support then "Contact Us".