CT16G4DFD824A isn't compatible with my system?

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CT16G4DFD824A isn't compatible with my system?

Hi, so I bought yesterday this 16GB 2400MHz UDIMM (CT16G4DFD824A) with a Intel i5 8400 and a MSI B360 PRO-VDH motherboard. Judgind by the specs of theses components there should not be any compatibility issue, nonetheless I get stuck in POST with an intermittent led that goes from a short CPU led to a long DRAM led, indicating an incompatibility. If I try to boot without the RAM stick, only the DRAM led light on so I guess it is not a CPU issue,


I want to know if the RAM is in fact incompatible or if there is something faulty so I can ask for a replacement. The store where I bought doesn't let you replace stuff for incompatibility, only faulty units.


Using the advisor tool from crucial shows not a single product compatible with my system.

Using pcparticker.com shows an incompatibility with the CT16G4DFD824A 'cause the stick is ECC (which is not true).


So I'm kind of lost right here, I will appreciate any help

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Re: CT16G4DFD824A isn't compatible with my system?


I did see in the MSI User Manual (page 8), the memory needs to be installed first in the A2 slot, then the 2nd module needs to be installed into the B2 slot.   The MSI website & User manual then mention four memory modules, so I don't know if it supports using only three modules.


You may also want to check your BIOS/UEFI settings and set the memory options to "Auto".   There may be some more advanced memory settings which you may want to disable at least for testing.


You should also check if the motherboard firmware is up to date.


The MSI website lists several 16GB Crucial modules for the MSI 360M Pro VDH motherboard here (I did not see a motherboard option without the "M").  You may need to click on the "Memory i5/i7" to display the list of memory as my link seems to default to the CPU section.    Comparing the memory MSI lists to the one you posted I see the CL value for the MSI recommended memory is 16 versus 17 for the one you listed.   If the other items I mentioned don't help, then this could be the problem, but without more technical specifications from MSI I cannot tell.  You will need someone from Crucial to respond or you can contact Crucial Support directly.