Compatible Ram not working

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Compatible Ram not working


I decided I wanted to increase the ram on my pc, so I went to the crucial ram compatibility webpage, and showed me the compatible rams. I chose to purchase the Crucial 4GB DDR3L-1600 UDIMM, (not from the crucial website, but from a local PC shop). I then tried to insert it alone, and I got the 5 beeps and red light flashing (memory problem I know). So then after trying to fix the issue, i.e maybe ram inserted in properly etc, I searched up my PC (HP Compaq 8100 Elite SFF), and then checked the motherboard stats. The motherboard ( has  "4 x 240-pin DDR3 DIMM slots Supports Dual Channel DDR3 1333/1066 MHz non-ECC, un-buffered memory". I.e needs 1333/1066mhz memory, while the crucial ram I bought, that said was compatible, was 1600mhz. 

My question is if its possible to use the ram with my motherboard somehow, and why the compatibility checker said it is compatible.

(Also, I can't change ram frequency through BIOS, not an option)



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Crucial Employee

Re: Compatible Ram not working

I am sorry to hear about the issues that you are experiencing with your new memory. The first thing that we will need is the full "CT" part number that should be listed on the label of the stick of RAM in question. If you can provide us with that, it will help out a lot in getting to the root of the problem.


The reason that we only show 1600 MT/s memory is because we do not make RAM that runs at the slower 1066MT/s or 1333MT/s speeds anymore. Most systems out there can downclock the faster memory to run at a speed that it can handle. If you haven't already, I would make sure that the BIOS is all the way up to date on your motherboard. I would also perform a full CMOS reset by removing all power from the system, then removing the small circular watch looking battery from the motherboard. I would leave this out for at least 15 minutes before plugging everything back in and attempting to boot again.


I checked the sales history for your specific system with the 4GB sticks of memory that we offer and did not see a high amount of returns or replacements. This means if the above instructions do not correct the issue, that we are either dealing with a bad stick of memory, or possibly you were sold the wrong part number for your system. By providing us the full part number off of the stick you purchased, we can make 100% sure that you have the correct part.

Crucial_Ryan, Micron CPG Support, US

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Bit Baby

Re: Compatible Ram not working

Thanks for the fast reply

The number is CT51264BD160B
I will also try removing the small battery thing from the motherboard later today