Couple of Memtest86 issues I would like some help with

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Couple of Memtest86 issues I would like some help with

Hi, my first post here, also my first time running Memtest86 too.


Firstly the RAM is Corsair DDR4 in 4 X 8GB sticks 2666MHz


The reason for testing is regular - but differing BSODs playing games.


The BIOS auto set the memory in XMP as 2666MHz but Memtest say it thinks it is 2800MHz, not a big jump but if it can clock it faster then results might be affected, hence the question, can it change the RAM speed?


Having run three passes taking 5.5 hours each time, the results are consistent with the memory passing the test, but with between 700 - 800 errors on test 10.  It seems that the majority of problems occur during the bit fade test, and I know that if I increase the refresh rate I could probably reduce these errors.  My feeling is though that I shouldn't have to do this with the consequent loss of performance associated.


The question is whether this level of errors would be likely to cause the BSODs and is this grounds to RMA the RAM for replacement?

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Re: Couple of Memtest86 issues I would like some help with

@Flake Thanks for contacting us today. Yes, I could see the mem test failing and the errors you are seeing could be the culprit of the BSOD that you are getting. It probably would be best to request an RMA on them to at least see if that solves your issue. 


Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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