DDR4 - 3000 Frequency Speed Issues

Kilobyte Kid

DDR4 - 3000 Frequency Speed Issues

I have a Dell CPX 8930 which came with 16GB of RAM = 2x8 DDR4-2666(1333MHZ) Part No. 8ATF1G64AZ-2G6H1 


I then bought a 16GB kit = 2x8 DDR4-3000, which according to the Crucial checker should be compatible.


I knew the frquency speed would be limited by a) the motherboard and b) the existing RAM so I expected the new RAM to match the existing 1333MHz bandwith. However CPU-Z tells me the max wandwith is only 1200MHz. Am I missing something?

Also I was not able to get the serial numbers using CPU-Z or Get-WmiObject with Powershell so I am wondering if the RAM is counterfeit!


Thanks in advance!

cpu-z.JPGRAM SERIAL.JPGIMG_0151.jpgIMG_0149.jpgIMG_0150.jpg




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Crucial Employee

Re: DDR4 - 3000 Frequency Speed Issues

The information you've provided from CPUz looks entirely normal, there is nothing to suggest the parts you purchased are counterfeit.

With performance memory with XMP profiles, the advertised speed is always going to be the XMP (Intel Extreme Memory Profile) speed. A system must support XMP and have XMP enabled in order to run the memory at this speed. Without XMP running the memory will default to a lower JEDEC timing. As you can see, CPUz shows the JEDEC speed of these parts at 2400, which is exactly what they're running at. 

The Micron parts you had 8ATF1G64AZ-2G6H1  have a JEDEC of 2666, so that's naturally what they will run at provided the system can support the speed, and there is no need to downclock.

So what you'll need to do is follow Dell documentation and go into your BIOS settings and enable XMP to get the advertised speed out of the Elite parts.

Crucial_Benny, Micron CPG Support, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: DDR4 - 3000 Frequency Speed Issues

Thank you very much for the information!