Dell PowerEdge T30 won't take recommended 2666 ECC Memory?

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Dell PowerEdge T30 won't take recommended 2666 ECC Memory?

We have a Dell PowerEdge T30 we were upgrading to 64GB from 16GB 2400 non-ECC memory.


Crucial website recommended some 2666 ECC memory, and we bought it off a crucial amazon link:


The computer doesn't boot with the new memory in it - the power button just blinks amber, no bios screen comes up. Putting the old memory back boots fine.


We updated the T30's bios to latest available (Dell PowerEdge T30 1.0.15 System BIOS) and tried individual & pairs of the memory sticks to see if that helped, but same behavior always.


I assume the combo works and there's some reason, hopefully fixable, that is blocking us.

I was wondering if there were any other tricks or updates you might suggest that could get these working together? Thanks!

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Re: Dell PowerEdge T30 won't take recommended 2666 ECC Memory?

Check the Dell documentation for your server.  If you enter the system Tag number on the Dell support site, it will link you to documentation for your system.   Check the User Guide, Service/Repair Guide and any upgrade documents listed.   Service Guide is usually the best, but sometimes the information is scattered across these documents.


From my experience on the older Dell servers after reaching 32GB, you must remove all the RAM and use another type of RAM.   I think it needs to be Registered memory (it could also require a different Rank), but I'm not absolutely certain as it has been a few years since the last upgrade and I have no experience with the T30.  The Dell documentation will tell you.   Also a lot of times you cannot use all of the available memory slots on the board so the Service Guide is very important to know which slots are to be used.    Don't be afraid to chat with Dell Support as they are a very useful resource for clarifiying the complexities of memory upgrades for their servers.