Dell Studio 1747 8GB on Amazon

Kilobyte Kid

Dell Studio 1747 8GB on Amazon

Since the memory I need is out of stock at Crucial, I found this on Amazon:

Crucial product:

Amazon product:


The CT number doesn't match, but it seems to be the same product otherwise.  Is there any way to be sure?

Crucial product CT: CT5311125

Amazon product CT: CT2KIT51264BF160B




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Re: Dell Studio 1747 8GB on Amazon

While memory has many other unlisted timings that can affect compatibility, most likely the RAM will be compatible.   Check that you will be able to return the memory if it isn't compatible.  I would run Memtest86 & Prime95 on the system to make sure the memory is compatible & stable.


While a Crucial representative will usually respond to posts like this it may be some time.  For a quicker and more accurate response you can contact Crucial support directly using the link in my signature.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Dell Studio 1747 8GB on Amazon

Thanks for the quick reply.  I'm waiting on Crucial support for the final answer.