Does number of pins matter?

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Does number of pins matter?

I want to add 4Gb of RAM to the existing 4Gb I have on my Acer 5749 laptop. The Crucial diagnostic tool recommends two compatible products:

                      CT5491719          CT51264BF160BJ

                      CT9176113           CT51264BF160B

Apart from a small price difference, the two products appear to have identical specs except that the BJ version has 204 pins, while for the B model this is given as N/A.


I don't know if this is important - which should I use?


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Re: Does number of pins matter?

According to this post, the "J" represents a high-density module.  You cannot mix high & low density modules.  Most likely your original RAM is low density as that is the most common, but a Crucial representative would have to confirm it.   Both modules will have 204 pins.