Dual channel memory, buying one at a time

Kilobyte Kid

Dual channel memory, buying one at a time

Hello everyone,


I am looking to purchase one stick of CT16G4SFD8266 and another one a few months down the road.

I have a dell G7 (7588) Laptop I intend to install this in.



My question is, will I have trouble getting these two to run dual channel by buying them one at a time?

The $145.00 per stick is a bit much for me to handle, and I cannot easily drop $300 on a 2 stick kit all at once.

I intend to buy two of the same exact model ram sticks but at different times.


I have heard people claiming that different batches might not work with each other, etc. 

But I have yet to run into an article where someone actually claimed to have run into this problem with their own systems, only others theorizing that it is indeed an issue.

Does anyone know conclusively that this is indeed a legitimate concern, can anyone back this claim?


The default ram configuration in my laptop is not enough to do my work (8gb), and I need to get something now and I can double it later on for the full dual channel effect.

I am just not ready to drop nearly $300 on two sticks of ram.

I don't know if I should wait to get the two pack, or if it is ok to buy one at a time.


For reference, my work involves IT, and I will end up having several virtual machines running on this computer at once, to test things, verify upgrades and backups, etc.

I needed a platform that had mobility and enough power to handle the tasks.

Right now my only limitation is this ram, and I am set on having dual channel a possibility with this system.


With what I do, these virtual machines will probably crash if not enough ram is available.

With some trickery, I can sort of get them to work, but it is easiest to just pick up something now. 

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Crucial Employee

Re: Dual channel memory, buying one at a time

Hey ChrisO,


Thanks for your question. The only way we can guarantee modules will run in dual channel is if they are purchased together in a kit . Just like you had heard, modules purchased at different times are likely to be part of different batches. While I have seen rare cases of it not being an issue to have modules from different batches or even different brands run in dual channel, I would recommend purchasing them as a kit . 


Best Regards,

Crucial_Mike, Micron CPG Support, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Dual channel memory, buying one at a time

@Crucial_Mike wrote:


While I have seen rare cases of it not being an issue 

This alone sort of sets it in stone then huh. Rare to see it not an issue between batches etc. 
Smiley Indifferent



Well good to know. I have never stated this as fact to anyone else because I have yet to prove it to or heard of it from the horse's mouth. 

But there you have it Smiley Sad  


Good to know

It is temporarily unfortunate for me, but it will stop me from making a crucial and fairly expensive mistake, and for that I thank you!


I'll wait for another paycheck or two and have you guys fly in the big guns.

It is a hefty price tag but at least its maxing out my system in one purchase.


I hope ram prices go down sometime soon, they aren't cheap and I am curious what will happen in 10 years when something like 32gb might be the standard for all we know o.0


At least I know I will be buying solid stuff. 

Thanks again for the answer Mike