Fake Crucial RAM?

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Fake Crucial RAM?

I picked up a refurbished Lenovo X230 Tablet recently and decided to grab another 4Gb stick of memory for it. Went to the local Fry's and bought a Crucial stick with model number CT51264BF160B on the box. You could see the SO-DIMM in the box, and it had a Crucial sticker on it. (Buying at Fry's is a mess-- the clerk came back with my order and thought I had bought a two-DIMM set of Patriot RAM, which is clearly not what I wanted, let alone what I was paying for)

When I pulled it out of the packaging, there was the Crucial sticker on one side, and another sticker for Pacific Sun Memory on the other. I was under the impression that Pacific Sun is their cheap-range RAM, but perhaps it's just an intermediary supplier that Fry's sources Crucial stuff from. Their website sucks and provides no convincing proof of that.

Loading up CPU-Z shows a SPD tab with no vendor info and a serial number of FFFFFFFF, which seems a little weird for name-brand RAM.

Anyone using that module know if this sounds sketchy?

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Re: Fake Crucial RAM?

Crucial usually uses Micron chips for their memory, but will sometimes use chips from another major supplier.  I would never expect to see any low quality or off brand chips on Crucial memory modules.  In nearly 20 years of using Crucial RAM, I've only ever encountered a few instances where third party chips were used.


While a Crucial representative may respond to these requests on the forums, it can some times be a while before they respond.   For a quicker response I would suggest contacting Crucial support directly using the link in my signature.

Crucial Employee

Re: Fake Crucial RAM?

Thank you for purchasing the Crucial memory products and your review. If you could provide us with pictures of both sides of the memory and the packaging that the memory came in. This way we can take a look at the poduct and let you know if these are Crucial products or not. 

Crucial_AgentC, Micron CPG Support, US

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