How can I find the numbers of pin of may ram?

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How can I find the numbers of pin of may ram?


My laptop is Toshba Satallite C660-A042. I ran a test (result mentioned below). Now I have some question. I 'll be grateful if  I have the answers.




Your Toshiba Toshiba PWWHA system specs as shipped

  • Maximum Memory:8GB
  • Standard Memory:2 or 4GB removable
  • Slots:2 (2 banks of 1)
*Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.
2GB         Empty
1. What does that standerd memory mean?
2. How can I find the nmbers of pin, that will adjust with my laptop?
3. Can I buy any brand's RAM?
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Re: How can I find the numbers of pin of may ram?



1)  Standard memory is what shipped with your laptop from the factory which in this case appears to be 2GB.  You appear to have one empty memory slot.    The built-in memory in your laptop is replacable if you wanted to have the maximum 8GB (2x4GB) of memory installed.


2)  The link you have in your post shows the Crucial recommended memory for your laptop.   If you order a module from  your link Crucial will guarantee compatibility.  (I believe it has 204 pins)


3)  You "can" buy any RAM you want, but be careful to at least buy a name brand or you will likely have issues.  Buying the least expensive no brand memory is usually a recipe for disaster.   Crucial has one of the easiest websites to identify compatible memory for your system with guaranteed compatibility and I have found it is very rare to receive a defective module from Crucial.   I have personally found Crucial to have affordable & reliable memory with an easy to use website & helpful customer support.