Identical memory, different timing

Kilobyte Kid

Identical memory, different timing

Dear all,

I was not able to find this topic on forum so I am asking here.

I ve bought 2x Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 8GB 3200MHz CL15 (BLE8G4D32BEEAK) and installed them in my PC. I ve installed M.O.D. utillity and CPU-Z and the thing I noticed is the bandwiths are not the same. In CPU-Z the max. bandwith for slot2= DDR4-2132 (1066MHz) and slot4= DDR4-2400 (1200MHz). The DIMMs are working dualchannel. XMP is allowed.

In MOD utility the JEDEC timings are also not identical. 

My motherboard is: ASUS Prime Z370-A

CPU: I5 8600K

Is there something wrong set in BIOS?

Thank you.

BTW. sorry for my English.

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Crucial Employee

Re: Identical memory, different timing

What does BIOS actually report as the speed of the memory? CPU-Z is not always entirely accurate and can show some odd numbers with certain combinations of hardware. BIOS/UEFI information should be completely accurate however.

Otherwise have you tested each module individually to see what speed reports?

What about testing one module in each memory channel so they run in single channel mode each to see if that makes any difference? 

You can't be running in XMP mode with the speeds you're getting, if the parts were running in XMP the memory should have a speed of 3200, not the 2400 you are getting for at least one part. The i5 8600k CPU you have only natively supports memory speeds up to 2666, so you will likely need to overclock your CPU to achieve the full XMP performance of the memory.

Crucial_Benny, Micron CPG Support, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Identical memory, different timing

Hello Crucial_Benny,

thank you for your reply.

I have tested both rams in the same ram slot (only one ram installed in system) without XMP and in BIOS

by the first one:

DRAM status: DIMM_A2: CRUCIAL 8192MB 2400MHz

and by the second one:

DRAM status: DIMM_A2: CRUCIAL 8192MB 2132MHz

Shouldnt it be the same numbers when I have two identical RAMs?

Doesnt the XMP level the memory frequency independently of the CPU?

Thank you.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Identical memory, different timing

I am attaching some screenshots from BIOS:

both Rams with XMP enabled

both Rams without XMP enabled

single Ram (2400MHz) with XMP enabled pic1

single Ram (2400MHz) with XMP enabled pic2

both RAMS with XMP.jpgboth RAMs without XMP.jpgRAM with XMP_pic1.jpgRAM with XMP_pic2.jpg