Increased RAM, decreased SSD free space?

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Increased RAM, decreased SSD free space?

Hello.  I recently built a desktop with a Crucial M4 64GB SSD as the boot drive and installed Crucial Ballistix sport 16GB (4 x 4GB) on an Intel DP67DE motherboard. 

1 of my memory modules went bad so I removed a pair to return to Crucial for exchange.  During that time I ran the remaining 2 memory modules and was therefore at 8GB of RAM.  Also during that time I noticed the free space on my SSD was ~25.6GB.  

Today I reinstalled the remaining pair of Ballistix bringing the memory back up to 16GB.  After that I noticed my SSD free space dropped to ~11.2GB. 

Everything is running OK and I use a 1.5TB HDD for storage but I am puzzled as to the loss of 14.4GB of SSD space after increasing the memory.

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Re: Increased RAM, decreased SSD free space?


If your page file is set to system managed, that would explain this.  As you increase your RAM, your page file will typically be increased automatically.  To lower the page file, go to advanced systems options, then click the settings button that is listed under performance.  Once there, a new window will open.  Click the advanced tab in this new window.  At the bottom, you will see virtual memory and a change button.  From there you can change your page file to what you would like.

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