Laptop Memory Verification/Authentication

Kilobyte Kid

Laptop Memory Verification/Authentication

Hi Team,


I have purchesed a 8GB DDR4 memory stick for my laptop, can you please varify it if its orignal before I use it. It will be of great help. 


Attaching pictures of the memory:


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Crucial Employee

Re: Laptop Memory Verification/Authentication

Thank you for contacting Crucial and providing that information.  I was able to confirm from the label on that stick that it does appear to be a genuine Crucial product.  When buying memory, you always want to to purchase from reputable resellers to ensure that you are getting genuine parts.  Was there a specific reason that you were curious if the part is legitimate or not?

Crucial_Ryan, Micron CPG Support, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Laptop Memory Verification/Authentication

Thanks for verifying the RAM; I had purchased it through Amazon Prime seller only.  The only reason I curious about its authenticity was because of the packaging i.e. the pack was not sealed in any manner and without sticker holding the pack closed.