Laptop randomly cutting to black after RAM install.

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Laptop randomly cutting to black after RAM install.


I have a: Dell Inspiron 7560

Processor: i5 - 7200u CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.70 GHz

Pre-Installed RAM: 8GB, DDr4 2400MHz SODIMM

I used the Crucial scanner to find compatible RAM and bought an additional Crucial 8GB DDR4-2400 SODIMM stick of RAM.


Since i've installed the additional RAM, the laptop randomly cuts to a black screen. I have to hard reset it to get it back on. This happens randomly:Ive been on yt, word, illustrator, just browsing and it happened. I have taken the ram out and the laptop hasnt cut off since. 


I have deleted all my files and reset to a factory default as well as a thorough BIOS (holding f12 at start up) scan and a dell scan. None of these scans found an issue with anything? but because it hasn't happened since i removed the stick, i believe there was an issue. Not entirely sure what to do next?



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Re: Laptop randomly cutting to black after RAM install.

Make sure the memory is fully seated in the slot before you press it down to lock it in.  No more than about 1mm of the gold contact should be visible (compare it with the original memory).   Make sure it gets locked in securely.  Make sure the laptop is unplugged and the battery is removed while installing or removing memory.  


Use compressed air to clean dust from the memory slot.  Also inspect the contacts on the memory to make sure they look clean & shiny.


You could also remove the original memory and install just the new memory in its place.   This will let you know if you have an issue with the other memory slot or perhaps an incompatiblity with the original memory.   If the new memory fails in this slot as well, then you likely have a defective module and should get an RMA processed by clicking "Returns" on the Crucial Support website or by contacting Crucial directly.


If you enter the Dell BIOS/UEFI settings, does the new memory show up correctly?


Is the firmware on the laptop up to date?  Remove the new memory if you update the system firmware so it doesn't interrupt the process and brick the laptop.  Reinstall the new memory after the firmware update has been verified to be installed and working.

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Re: Laptop randomly cutting to black after RAM install.

It is fully seated. 


I did replace the old memory with the new, but only for a day. I'm going to try both fo upto a week, as i've had both in for a 4 days and it only just cut off.


The memory does show up correctly, no errors appear after scans and the l,aptop runs perfectly... then it just cuts to black (screen still on) the keyboard also stays lit.


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Re: Laptop randomly cutting to black after RAM install.


For the checks, go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>put the cursor over COMMAND PROMPT and right click, select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR from the menu> then in the window enter the command SFC /SCANNOW and hit enter let it run, the disk check I would run overnight following the prior when you get to the command prompt enter the command CHKDSK /r /f C: this can take hours, but will find and mark sector errors and move the data to a good sector  UC Browser SHAREit  MX Player