Lenovo Edge 15 problem

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Lenovo Edge 15 problem

I just swapped my factory 8gb (2 4gb slots) for 16gb (2 8gb slots) and fired up my laptop.  The system is still only showing 7.91gb of memory.  Is there something else I need to be doing?  I have the Lenovo Edge 15 model 80H1.  Any help is appreciated. 



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Re: Lenovo Edge 15 problem

Did you get your memory directly from Crucial?  Is it the correct memory for your system?


Did you use the Crucial memory selector or use the Crucial System Scanner to determine the memory for your system?   I am having trouble accessing Crucial's page right now, but I don't think your system is capable of supporting 16GB (I only see the Edge series and not any of the submodels like 80H1).   There also seems to be two similar models a "Lenovo Edge" series and a "Thinkpad" series which could be totally different.   It could also be the case where somtimes people can sometimes get lucky and 16GB will work in an unsupported manner.   I also am having trouble finding technical specifications from Lenovo's site for your model.


You could try reseating the memory.  You could also try installing just a single stick by themselves to make sure they are both working individually.   Also test each slot to make sure they both work properly as well.  If both modules work by themselves in either slot, then your system is not capable of 16GB.     FYI, you won't see the full 8GB as available because Windows is using some for yor video chip.