MSI A78M-E45 mobo, DDR3 at 1600

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MSI A78M-E45 mobo, DDR3 at 1600

Hi experts,

I have an MSI A78M-45 board.   2 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz sticks, all working great.

Then I add a pair of Crucial same specs, and the mobo just beeps, cant get to BIOS screen.

I pulled the original pair, and just tried the Crucial, this time fans come on, but no beeps, no video.


The Crucial sticks are

8GB DDR3 - 1600 1.35v DDR3L DR x


Are you able to tell if its a compatibility issues with this board?

Thank you.

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Re: MSI A78M-E45 mobo, DDR3 at 1600

Did you try the new memory in the slots occupied by the original RAM you pulled out?  Have you tried the new sticks one at a time by themselves?