Memory upgrade for asusz81g

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Memory upgrade for asusz81g

Hi all, I've the notebook in object
It has a motherboard called "A4G".
I've reached for chipset and it's a SiS-648FX + southbridge SiS-963.

Look at this page:

Enlarge figure at the bottom.
I can read:
DDR 400/333/266 SODIMM
Max. 1GB per DIMM

Now I've used some tools such as dmidecode and it seems thath ram controller support 2GB of max memory.
and that each slot supports 1GB module.

So I decided to ask you why this site reports a ram max upgrade value of 1GB.
Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Re: Memory upgrade for asusz81g



The reason we have the system listed as 1GB max is this is what ASUS has the system listed as.  You can see their full specifications at this link.  It is possible that ASUS has "limited" the system to only support up to 512MB per slot.  If you would like to try a couple 1GB modules, this link is what I would recommend trying, but in no way can we guarantee this module to work in your system.



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