Memory upgrade suggestions by Crucial

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Memory upgrade suggestions by Crucial

As possible upgrades for my laptop I got suggesions here.  For compatible memory it shows only 8 GB memory sticks; one can be found here . I suppose although it's not shown this 4 GB memory  will also be compatible. Am I wrong and what are the other comatible 4GB memories for ASUS X550LC laptops? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Memory upgrade suggestions by Crucial

I'm not sure why Crucial is not displaying a 4GB upgrade module for your system.  If you only want to add 4GB to your system, I would contact Crucial Support directly via Live Chat to get a confirmed compatible part number to order.    While the 4GB module you link appears to be similar, there are other timings which are not listed by Crucial or Asus that could be important for compatibility with your system.   Most likely the linked module will work, but there are no guarantees and I'm not sure whether Crucial will guarantee compatibility if ordered this way.   To be sure you have Crucial's approval contact them directly.