Need Experts Advice! Plz Help me!

Kilobyte Kid

Need Experts Advice! Plz Help me!

Hello dear Crucial team.  


I have the following Info:


Acer TravelMate P253-MG


2.5 GHz Intel Core i7


6GB DDR3 Memory


15.6 inch HD screen


Nvidia GeForce@ 710M with  2GB Dedicated  VRAM


Model : TMP 253-MG-73636G75Maks


*removed personal information*


When I search  the model in internet the reviews say the maximum Ram is 8GB


Can I upgrade the RAM to 16GB without any problems?


Anyone got any experience could help me plz? Thanks for your consideration.

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Re: Need Experts Advice! Plz Help me!

There is extremely limited information for this specific model online.   I was unable to find anything on Acer's website and Crucial's Advisor Tool doesn't list the "MG" version. I'm not familiar with Acer's laptops to know which ones might be similar.   When I did see information regarding memory I'm not sure if the maximum module size is 8GB for a total of 16GB total or if the total installed memory is lmited to 8GB. 


I think it will accept 2x8GB for 16GB total, but you should try using the Crucial System Scanner to see what it recommneds for your system or contact Crucial Support by Live Chat to verify the information and get a specific part number to order so it is guaranteed compatible.

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Re: Need Experts Advice! Plz Help me!


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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Need Experts Advice! Plz Help me!

Hi HWTech


Thank you for responds


I used the Crucial System Scanner in my laptop, It recommended 16GB as maximum Ram, But company say that the maximum Ram for this model is 8GB .. 


Here my laptop model in Acer website: 

Here My laptop model in Acer website support


Can I upgrade my ram as Crucial recommend? 


I really need more ram for my job! 


Thanks in advance.. 


Re: Need Experts Advice! Plz Help me!

The Acer documentation is a bit vague, but I think when it refers to 8GB it is refering to the largest size of a single module which would mean Acer supports 16GB total (2x8GB).    


You should be Ok to purchase whatever the Crucial System Scanner shows you as compatible with your system.   Crucial gives you a 100% guarantee on compatibility if you order the memory suggested by the Crucial System Scanner (or the Crucial Advisor Tool).   Click on the  "guarantees compatibility" link on the Crucial home page just beneath these two tools for confirmation.





Kilobyte Kid

Re: Need Experts Advice! Plz Help me!

Plz Help! 


I was emailed Acer Support and this is their response



Dear valued customer,
Again, thank you for contacting Acer support.
Please refer to our previous reply it is mentioned 4GBX2 which means 4GB of RAM each into 2 slots.
Kindly note that this is the specification which was provided by Acer. Should you decide to use any other specification besides the above mentioned, please do it at your own risk.
We hope we have clarified your doubt."
Now What should I do, Should I buy another Laptop or what?
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Re: Need Experts Advice! Plz Help me!

@Mohd Thanks for your question. @HWTech is correct. If our scanner lists the 16GB of memory as being compatible with your system it has been tested and is guaranteed to be compatible. We would advise trying it out with your system. Acer normally does not go back and test upgrades with systems as they are released. This is why their documentation still reflects the max of 8GB of RAM. We have a 45 day return policy for full money back. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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