Neither old or new ram recognized

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Neither old or new ram recognized

I recently bought a 1 gb memory kit from Crucial for my Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop. When I checked the BIOs, I found that my new memory was not recognized. When I turned on my computer and looked at the task manager, I found that I was using over 600mb of page file memory! This means that Windows XP is no longer using my old RAM either. How should I fix this problem, and what should I do? Thanks!

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Re: Neither old or new ram recognized

First of all, verify that all modules are working properly by installing them one at a time with no other RAM in the system. That will tell you if there is something wroing with one of them. If they all work, test the memory slots with one of the modules, with no other memory installed. When you install the memory, make sure it's fully seated with the notch lined up with the slot, and that the clips clicked into place on their own. If you need to help them the memory is not fully seated and will not be recognized.

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