Older RAM compatibility

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Older RAM compatibility



I currently have a single 8GB stick in my desktop computer, a  CT102464BA160B.


I was looking to buy another 8GB stick but it looks like that specific model is no longer made. The current version is CT102464BD160B.


The difference in the 2 models seems to be the voltage. The CT102464BA160B runs at 1.5v and the CT102464BD160B runs at 1.35v.


Would the CT102464BD160B run with the CT102464BA160B or do I need to now buy 2 with the same voltage?


Thank you.



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Re: Older RAM compatibility

@PhantomFF Thanks for contacting us today. Our 1.35v memory is dual voltage memory, so it is able to run at 1.5v if mixed. However, I would be happy to check compatiability for you just to be sure. What is the make and model of your system? 



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Re: Older RAM compatibility

Hi there,


Thanks for the reply.


The desktop system was purpose built, the RAM is on a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 motherboard.