Problem - DDR4 Ballistix Sport 4GB BLS4G4D26BFSE.8FBD2

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Problem - DDR4 Ballistix Sport 4GB BLS4G4D26BFSE.8FBD2

So long story short. New PC new build. Probleam with booting up. Seems like some kind of ddr problem. Asked for help on motherboard forums they asked me to ask you about  - ''Contact Crucial and ask if those two sticks have been validated on your motherboard.''

DDR4 Ballistix Sport 4GB BLS4G4D26BFSE.8FBD2


Z370 K6 (Z370 GAMING K6/A/ASRK) 

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Part No. - 90-MXB5V0-A0UAYZ


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Re: Problem - DDR4 Ballistix Sport 4GB BLS4G4D26BFSE.8FBD2

@oxexs Thanks for contacting us today. I am sorry you've been having issues with your RAM. These memory modules are compatible with your system. We list them here. We list them under a different part number in order to guarantee compatability with your system. 


The next steps are to check if the memory modules themselves are the issue.


  • If a memory module is not working on its own, ensure it is fully seated in the slot.  
  • If you are having issues with Windows after installing new memory, you can test it in Safe Mode. This will only load essential files with no drivers, anti-virus, firewall etc. If this works ok then it may be a Windows driver related issue.
  • If it loads in safe mode, this points to a driver issue:
    • Delete and re-install the graphics card drivers and try again
    • Re-instal other drivers such as chipset, soundcard etc. and try again
    • If it still won't run Windows normally but works fine in safe mode, run the Windows installation CD to repair or re-instal the OS
  • If it crashes loading/running in safe mode too, this points to a hardware problem:
    • Select XMP mode in BIOS and try again
  • Try the modules one at a time
     - if one is causing the problem, exchange under warranty
  • Try other memory in the system
      - If that crashes too, this points to a problem with another component like the CPU. Have system checked over
      - If other memory works, exchange this memory under warranty

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.




YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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