Question about CT8G4WFD8266 ram

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Question about CT8G4WFD8266 ram



I am trying to find details on what type of micron memory modules are used in Crucial CT8G4WFD8266 ECC udimms.  From searching though the Micron website, I can only conclude that these are MTA18ASF1G72AZ-2G6 based dimms, but have no way to confirm without first purchasing.  Specifically I would like to know if Crucial 8GB DDR4-2666 ECC UDIMM (CT8G4WFD8266) memory is using Micron A-die, B-die, or H-die.  For my specific use case and compatibiliy reasons, this information would greatly help me in my decision on whether or not to purchase Crucial 2666mhz ECC udimms, or if I should go with another manufacture ***Edited to remove Crucial competitor*** who clearly specificies.


I suspect they are Micron B-die, but would like to first confirm.


Any information I could be provided, would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Question about CT8G4WFD8266 ram

@ArhGee I am sorry for the late reply. I would advise contacting us directly at crucsupport@micron,com, so we may help you via email. 

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Question about CT8G4WFD8266 ram


Crucial uses DDR4 modules !

it says that it Double a system's memory capacity as module densities mature. Crucial DDR4 memory technology is up to twice as fast and delivers 50% more bandwidth and 40% more energy efficiency than DDR3 technology when it was introduced. Designed to enable the next generation of enterprise and consumer products, Crucial DDR4 memory works with next generation processors and makes everything you do on a computer or server faster and more efficient than ever before.Plex  Kodi Lucky Patcher




Kilobyte Kid

Re: Question about CT8G4WFD8266 ram


I contacted Crucial and then Micron support. I was able to verify that the memory DIMMs inquestion, do if fact use Micron B-Die memory IC modules.

I decided to post this update to help anyone else with the same question. Hopefully anyone Googling this question will find this helpful.