RAM inquiry re: OC

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RAM inquiry re: OC


Hoping someone can set me straight on RAM specs

I am building a new machine, and I am looking at the ASUS TUF X299 MARK I. The specs are:

DDR4 4133(O.C.)/4000(O.C.)/3600(O.C.)/2666/2400/2133

 The compatible RAM on the Crucial site says:

DDR4-3200 ( http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/tuf-x299-mark-1/CT1055932... )

I heard something about XMP, where you turn it on, the memory overclocks - not in the same way a CPU does, but it supposedly runs faster. A search for the term XMP of the spec page for the above MB on the ASUS site revealed nothing.

So, can someone fill me in here? I am esp. curious as to why the Crucial listing says 3200, whereas the ASUS site does not have that #

Thanks in advance.

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Re: RAM inquiry re: OC

Anything in the 3200 speed range or higher is typically in the performance/gaming memory category of DDR4. I dodn't know why ASUS doesn't list 3200, but the board should certainly support that speed provided you have memory and CPU to match.

XMP (Extreme memory profile) is simply way to get higher speed out of performance memory. Th Ballistix Elite parts you linked have an XMP profile of 3200, you will only get this speed with XMP enabled or by manually adjusting timings.


Your ASUS motherboard does support XMP, so there should be literature supporting this. Please contact ASUS if you need help enabling XMP.

If you're not familiar with CPU overclocking or manually adjusting memory timings I honestly wouldn't purchase Ballistix Elite memory, but instead look at Ballistix Tactical or Sport. Elite is designed for extreme gamers or system enthusiasts who are comfortable overclocking their CPU and messing with memory timings/voltages to get the most out of the memory. Both Tactical and Sport are geared more for plug and play with XMP compatibility, and usually cost less compared to Elite.

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Bit Baby

Re: RAM inquiry re: OC

Thank you for the reply. Smiley Happy


So first, I am not really concerned about cost, and second, what I do - at least at times - is at least, if not more, taxing than extreme gaming. Not in terms of graphics, however. So, I will gladly pay more for mem that will serve me better.


Assuming I enable XMP (I spoke with ASUS who said this is not a feature of the MB, but as it is supported, it can be added later - not sure exactly how, as he seemed to say it's NOT through the BIOS) do I need to do anyting else to ensure that the RAM is running at it's top speed? Does the CPU need to be OC'd?


And what is the speed the RAM would run at? 3200, 3600, 4000, 4133? Or is that user defined?


Thank you.




Is XMP written into the RAM chip controller, and simply enabled in the BIOS? Unlike what the ASUS rep seemd to say eariler....