RAM memory compatibility for MAC modules

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RAM memory compatibility for MAC modules


I want to install 2x4GB RAM memory to my ASUS N61jq. As I have seen by using the tool from Crucial the suggested RAM module is:




I cannot find this module in internet, but I have found this one:




Apparently they are 100% the same. I would like to know if the RAM module specified for apple will also work in my Asus laptop.


Thank you in advance.





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Re: RAM memory compatibility for MAC modules

Hi kikemaster,


Thanks for contacting us today. I pulled up the memory module you linked and it appears that the memory CT2C4G3S160BMCEU is a Mac specific upgrade. It should work in your system based on the specs, but it's not necessary for your system. CT2KIT51264BF160B would be the generic part number we would recommend (it's typically a bit cheaper than the Mac specific stuff Smiley Wink )


YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Bit Baby

Re: RAM memory compatibility for MAC modules

I have been using my Crucial 16*4 RAMs on iMac 5K 2017, and its been outstanding. Using Crucial rams on my Mac mini aswell as Mac pro. Been a Crucial user since last 4-5 yrs and not a single one failed. Apple should start using crucial storage and memory modules on thier computers . highly reliable and no issues with device crashing an all..